Lycopene Helps Reduce Signs of Aging

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Lycopene Helps Reduce Signs of Aging

Yves Rocher Tip: Many companies that make products for antiaging skin care treatment often have exclusive properties that stand out from the rest. Cellular Radiance Serum Age Spot Diffuser from Yves Rocher is such a product, with its exclusive Botanical Brightening Complex and Early Botanical DNA, reducing the appearance of the age spots that often dot aging skin. This product also helps to rejuvenate skin, evening out skin tone and leaving you with youthful skin and less prominent age spots.



3/28/2008 3:28:10 PM
Anonymous said:

Most types of antiaging wrinkle cream simply act as a cover-up to the wrinkles. They provide a mask on top of the wrinkles but do not "gently massaging out wrinkles" as many advertisements claim. The reality behind this and most other anti aging supplements is that wrinkles cannot simply go away and the signs of time cannot be fought back with any permanent degree of success.


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