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How can I keep my skin looking healthy?

Keeping your skin looking healthy

Always use at least an SPF15 to protect you skin from harmful rays from the sun. Remember to use products that are alcohol-free, as alcohol-filtered products can cause severe dryness. Remember to cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily to maintain a proper skin regime. Use a facial scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells.

I wear makeup everyday, I'm getting worried that I'm damaging my skin and causing it to age faster. What are the effects of daily makeup application?

Does Make Up Cause Skin Damage?

Make up is not damaging to your skin as long as you are wearing the right kind of make up. You should choose a make up with quality ingredients. Make sure you are wearing make up that won't clog your pores (free of mineral oil, lanolin or cocoa butter). Also you want something that is free of harsh chemicals, dyes and other residues. Wearing a make up that contains SPF will help prevent sun damage on your face. Sun damage is usually what causes your skin to age faster.

As long as you are taking care of your skin by cleansing and moisturizing before and after your make up application and you are wearing quality make up with skin-friendly ingredients, then you will not have to worry about damaging your skin. You might want to try make up that contains natural ingredients; these ingredients tend to be better for your skin.

Is proper skin care that important?

Proper Skin Care

Proper skin care is very important in achieving a beautiful makeup look. Start by cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin. This allows a nice palette with which you can then apply makeup. You'll feel better about yourself too. It's all about personal hygiene. Make sure to use products that are alcohol free!

How do you make your skin glow?

Making Your Skin Glow

Your skin should have a natural glow if it is healthy and you protect it from environmental harm. Cleansing and moisturizing daily is essential to maintaining healthy skin. Skin on your face is very delicate and you should use products that are mild and do not contain harsh ingredients and are made specifically for the facial skin. If you feel your skin is looking dull you might want to try using a gentle facial scrub to polish away dead skin cells and bring out new, healthy skin cells once a week. Using a moisturizing or purifying mask (depending on your skin type) may also help bring your skin's natural glow to the surface. Only use a mask once a month.

Is moisturizing important to my skin?

Protect Your Skin From the Elements

The environment can be tough on the skin—especially in the summer. During the hot summer months the sun can dry out the skin, particularly on the face. It's essential to take special care of our fragile skin at this time and to preserve its moisture. In order to counteract the drying effects of Mother Nature one should moisturize the skin morning and night; this will help to create a soft canvas for daily makeup application and keep skin looking its healthiest. Try finding moisturizers with SPF and foundation with SPF to protect from further skin damage.

How do I purify and detoxify my skin?

Purify and Detoxify

Water is the best way to get your skin back into shape. Water is the most natural property our bodies crave. Lack of hydration can cause dry, itchy skin, uneven skin tones, dark circles, etc. So keep drinking ladies! A great way to detoxify your skin would be to use a mask made with natural clay in it. When the clay hardens it pulls all the impurities out, shrinks pore size, and leaves your skin feeling tight and refreshed! Always put the hydration back into your skin with a good moisturizer (alcohol-free) and drink lots of water!

What do you recommend for broken blood vessels?

Calendula plant

The Calendula plant is well known for its therapeutical qualities. Calendula helps damaged blood vessels to seal, stopping bleeding and preventing bruising. Its anti-inflammatory, wound healing and sedative properties are used frequently in cosmetics.

How can I minimize the appearance of facial hair?

Minimize Facial Hair

You have several options to decrease the appearance of facial hair. There are invisible beaching creams such as Invisi-Bleach and hair removal creams such as Nair. Depilatory creams dissolve the hair at the base of the follicle. They are ideal for widespread areas (like the legs), but can be problematic when used on the face because they irritate the skin and usually don't remove all of the hairs. On the plus side, depilatory creams are a relatively inexpensive option. On average, results will last for one to two weeks. A new product called Sheer Splendor claims to remove unwanted hair and stop the growth of new hair by chemically weakening the follicles until the hair simply stops growing back. (Note: we have not tested this products ourselves). Waxing really does make your hair grow in lighter over time because the wax gets into the hair follicle and pulls the hair from the root so it grows back less thick than when the shaft is shaved. Laser procedures can be permanent or can be used more as a "laser waxing," or temporary hair removal.

How often should I use Neostrata products?

Get a Skin Care Schedule and Stick to it

As with most skin care lines, you'll need to set up a schedule to yield desirable results. In other words, you can't just use products whenever you feel like it and then put them away for some later use and expect them to make your face beautiful. In order to achieve desirable after effects, every good skin regime should be strictly followed. For best results do a three step skin care regime twice daily, both in the morning and before bed. Find products that are designed for your specific skin type and invest I those. And, before you know it you'll have that great skin you've been dreaming about.

How can I tell what skin type I have?

Skin Types

Most women are unsure of what type of skin they have. How can you tell? First, ask yourself if you have any oiliness, dryness, or signs of aging. If you are oily all over, you are an oily skin. If you are oily in the T zone and dry on the cheeks, you are probably a combination to normal skin. If you are moderately to extremely dry on the cheeks you are a dry skin.

How can I keep my skin healthy in the winter?

Change with the Seasons

No matter where you live, it's essential that you change your skin care regime with the season. Along with bitter, chilly weather, the cold months bring conditions that can be damaging to the skin. Begin the day with a hot shower but before exiting the shower, expose yourself to a stream of cold water for about twenty seconds, turn the temperature to hot again, and repeat for about two minutes. It may sound crazy but this is an effective hydrotherapy technique that will do wonders for your skin. Use a great moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer with at least an SPF of 15. Also, get one that contains oxide. And, don't forget to use a moisturizer with SPF on those lips. Exfoliate once a week to rid your skin of dead skin cells—this will allow for the absorption of extra moisture. Drink hot water with a twist of lemon. This Chinese herbal remedy will energize the body and mind. Additionally, it will detoxify your entire body. Get plenty of sleep. Rest is essential for healthy skin (at least 7 hours is optimal).

My face cream with Co Q10 is white, I heard it should be yellow?

Face Creams with Co enzyme Q10 - CoQ10

In its raw state Co enzyme Q10 may be deep orange/yellow in color. In cosmetics the enzyme is usually incorporated with other ingredients. If you are not receiving good results from your face creams then start trying different brands and different formulations(gel, lotion, creme).

What type of skin do I have?

Skin Types

Most women would like to know their skin type. Is it determined by heredity or life style? Your genes determine your hair color, eye color and your skin type. Hormones play a big part in the equation. Adolescents know too well that acne and puberty go hand in hand. A maturing person will generally have drier skin due to the slowing down of the production of oils by the sebaceous glands. As for your lifestyle affecting your skin, there is a correlation between diet, sleep, alcohol, exercise and how your skin looks and feels. Be sure to drink plenty of water to flush impurities out of your skin and body.

How do I get the best results from my prescription skin medication?

Getting the Most from Prescription Medication

Most doctors recommend use of quality skin care products, along with the medication they prescribe. However, random use of either medication or skin care products can give you poor results and increase the risk of side effects. It's best to follow directions and stick to a regime. Remember, you won't get faster results using more medication than indicated. What you'll most likely get is skin irritation. Results will suffer if you fail to cleanse your skin morning and night and if you skip your moisturizer. Proper use of prescrition medication is one step in improving your skin. Correct, routine use of quality skin care products is another.

What's a great gift for someone with not so great skin?

Great skin-care gifts

Want to surprise someone with healthier looking skin? Why not a gift-certificate to a spa for a facial? Or, for those of us that are penny pinchers, try an over-the-counter brand that may have a starter kit. A starter kit would consist of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and maybe even a treatment(exfoliator). Try Burts Bees, Aveda, The Body Shop, Neutrogena Alcohol-Free skin care lines.

How can shaving not be a pain?

Shaving Does Not Have To Be A Pain

Hair removal doesn't have to be a pain. Here's a tip to avoid rashes: always use a sharp, new razor blade. A dull blade causes you to press harder, making irritation likelier. Follow the shave with a soothing lotion or creme.

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