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What Should l Look For In Sensitive Skin Products?

Tips For Choosing Sensitive Skin Care Products

When choosing skin care products, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use a soap-free cleanser for sensitive skin. If you are using an anti-acne cleanser, make sure the amount of salicylic acid is small.
  • Stay away from products with synthetic perfumes and dyes. Try to stick with natural skin care products with less chemical ingredients. Products with aloe vera work well with sensitive skin types.
  • Lotion for sensitive skin should contain as many natural ingredients as possible. This may alleviate any potential reactions to harsh chemicals.
  • Take note of how your skin reacts to products. Do a test on a small patch of skin before using a product on your entire face or body.

What Are Product Stabilizers?

Avoid Product Stabilizers

Though it may prove to be more costly later, avoid skin care products with many stabilizers. Stabilizers are often added to extend the shelf life of skin care products, making them more useful over a longer period.

However, stabilizers are hard on sensitive skin. Instead, look for products with ingredients that may have a short shelf life, but are easier on your sensitive skin.

What Should I Do If My Skin Is Irritated?

Don't Pile Products On Irritated Skin

If you have a rash or breakout because of a skin care product, do not make it worse by trying to cover up redness with cosmetics. This will only further irritate the skin.

Instead, wash with a gentle, sensitive skin cleanser. Then, do a gentle steam for about 10 minutes before moisturizing. This process should help to calm some of the redness. However, time is the only way to be completely rid of the irritation. Piling on products will only make your skin look worse.

What Can I Use To Strengthen My Sensitive Skin?

Use Essential Oils To Nourish Skin

To really nourish and rebuild sensitive skin, use essential oils as a daily part of your skin care regimen. Using chamomile, lavender, neroli, rose or sandalwood -- either pure or contained in a skin care product -- can help your skin to get stronger. These oils may also be to help your skin become strong enough to withstand both environmental stress as well as some of the harsher chemicals found in everyday cleansers and cosmetics.

What Are The Characteristics of Sensitive Skin?

What Are The Characteristics of Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin can be difficult to combat, especially if you are unsure of the right products to use for it. Causes of sensitive skin vary, however. Characteristics usually include:

  • Quick, adverse reactions to most skin care products
  • Extreme reactions to stress, light skin procedures, massage, etc.
  • Tingling or tightening without any visible reason
  • Constant redness, drying and irritation of the skin
Using sensitive skin care products can help alleviate some of these symptoms and allow you to still nourish and care for your skin, without further irritation.

Should Sensitive Skin Types Wear Sunscreen?

Sunscreen Important To Sensitive Skin Types

Sunscreen is important for all skin types, but definitely for sensitive skin. Because this skin type is so easily irritated, just the slightest burn to sensitive skin can be the equivalent of a bad sunburn to a normal skin type.

Choose a gel-based sunscreen, wear it every day and make sure it has an SPF of at least 15 or more. Reapply every two hours if you are in direct sunlight or are planning on swimming or sweating.

How Do I Limit The Number of Products I Use On My Sensitive Skin?

Minimize The Number of Products On Your Face

If you have sensitive skin, it's good practice to minimize the number of products you use on your face. Look for all-in-one products that have more than one skin care characteristic. For example, look for a cleanser and toner combo or moisturizing exfoliators and masks. Sensitive skin not only reacts to harsh chemicals, but also to a large volume of products on the skin at one time.

I Have Sensitive Skin. Is It Important To Know All Skin Care Product Ingredients?

Sensitive Skin Types Should Note All Product Ingredients

More than 20% of American adults have sensitive skin. The condition is most common in Caucasian women with fair skin, who sometimes end up with further afflictions such as eczema or rosacea. Symptoms include tightness, itching, burning and sensitivity to skin care products.

Changes in weather and stress can also be factors. People with sensitive skin should take note of all skin care ingredients and plan a skin care regimen that caters to the sensitive type. Simplify your skin care routine and avoid harsh products that will result in further irritation.

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