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How Is Men's Skin Different From Women's?

Men's Skin Is Thicker and Oilier

Skin care for men is different from skin care for women. Men's skin is often thicker than a woman has and is oilier with larger pores. The best way to keep pores unclogged is to wash your face regularly.

The more clogged your pores are, the more likely you are to struggle with acne and ingrown hairs. Try a water-based, cleansing product that is specific to your skin type. Invest in a cleanser specifically made for men; do not use just any type of cleanser. Because skin for men is different, products used should be as well.

Does It Matter Whether I Wash My Face Before Working Out?

Wash Up Before Working Out

To save time, cleanse your face before working out. If you get all of the dirt and oil off before you work out, your sweat will be “clean”, making it easier for you if you cannot indulge in a cleansing process when you are done. If the post-workout residue is not dirty, your face will suffer less damage.

Do Men Need To Have A Skin Care Regimen?

It's Important for Men To Take Care of Their Skin

It is important for men to invest in a daily skin care regimen. Men's facial care often falls behind other important tasks on the to-do list -- golf, Monday Night Football, beers with the guys, etc. -- however, there is more to men's skin care than shaving and splashing on some aftershave to keep skin looking and feeling its best.

Men should use quality shaving creams or gels, a deep-cleaning cleanser and complementing toner and a moisturizer. The combination of these products will protect the skin and keep it looking its most healthy.

What Are Some Good Tips for Getting A Good Shave Every Time?

Shaving Is Most Common Form of Men's Skin Care

Shaving is the most common part of men's skin Care. The number of products on the market geared towards men who shave is endless. However, there are things to know about shaving to preserve your skin in the best way possible.

  • Never use shaving gel that contains any of the following: menthol, alcohol, mint, camphor, sodium hydroxide or high levels of potassium. While these ingredients can help with a closer shave, they drive up the risk of getting an ingrown hair because they irritate the skin and hair follicle.
  • While this is a personal preference, shaving gel is better for sensitive skin because cream creates air pockets, making it easier to be nicked while shaving.
  • Electric razors are always best for men with sensitive skin.
  • Before shaving, steam the face and neck area to open pores and hair follicles. This will help prevent nicks and cuts.

How Can Eye Cream Help?

Eye Cream Can Decrease Puffiness

Men need specialized skin care around the eye area as they usually have bushy eyebrows, puffy eyelids and dark circles. There are a number of creams available to combat some of these skin care problems without the inconvenience of surgery. A cream can soften some of these skin care problems.

A good concealer may be required for severely dark circles under the eyes. Although most men are reluctant to get professional skin care advice, it may be a good idea to schedule a consultation to get you started.

How Can I Help My Skin To Look Better After A Night of Drinking?

Skin Care Regimen Can Help The Morning After Drinking

For men who have indulged in a few too many beers with the guys, wondering how to get rid of the sallow skin facing you back in the mirror the next morning can be a challenge. Drinking alcohol can dehydrate your entire body --- including your skin. The best way to get yourself looking healthy and refreshed is to keep up with your skin care regimen.

Do a cleansing, toning and moisturizing process to replenish the skin. Use a stimulating eye cream or gel to get rid of dark circles under the eyes and an exfoliant to get off some of that dead skin, helping your skin to glow.

What Is A Dry Shave?

Follow Short Process for Dry Shaves

When crunched for time, some men opt for a dry shave instead of indulging in a lengthy wet shave. However, to avoid unsightly razor bumps, follow a short procedure for dry shaving as well:

Start by draping a moist cloth over your face for a few minutes to soften the skin. Dry off, making sure to sop up any excess moisture. Dust your face with powder then, using an electric razor, shave against the direction of hair growth.

For razors with rotating blades, work in a circular motion; for straight blades, long strokes are best. Rinse with cool water and be sure to follow up with a creamy moisturizer to refresh your skin.

Is Aftershave A Part of A Men's Skin Care Regimen?

Aftershave Is Most Common Skin Care Product for Men

Of all of the men's skin care products available, aftershave is the most common. Aftershaves act as toners for men, which are important because they remove any excess residue on your face after cleansing or shaving.

They can also hydrate the skin, while drying up extra oil deposits. It is important to use an alcohol-free aftershave to avoid drying out the skin.

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