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Is Using A Night Cream Beneficial?

Use of Night Cream Is Personal Preference

Facial moisturizers come in two main forms – creams and lotions. Night creams are a heavier form of moisturizer meant to seal in moisture overnight.

Some experts recommend staying away from night creams, because your skin needs time to breathe. Using a facial moisturizing night cream is a personal preference. If you have particularly dry skin, a night cream might help to smooth and nourish your dry spots. They also contain more oil, however, so it is important for oily skin types to refrain from using night creams.

Does Wearing Moisturizer Help To Combat Sun Damage?

Stay Out Of The Sun

The sun can be more damaging to your skin than just about anything else. The best moisturizer products address this fact and combat it by incorporating sunscreen into their core products. Wearing moisturizer with sunscreen will help lock in the moisture, help to avoid wrinkles and sunspots and give your skin an overall healthy appearance. You should also avoid getting any direct sunlight during peak hours -- between

What Kind of Moisturizer Is Best For All-Over Use?

Use Moisturizing Cream All Over

Moisturizing skin care cream is commonly used solely on the facial and neck area; however, other parts of the body should be regularly moisturized as well.

The best moisturizing skin care cream for the hands and body is one that is an oil-based silicone. This helps to repel water and will help the normal fats and oils that thrive on the surface of the skin to remain.

Oil-based silicone moisturizing skin care cream also protects long after washing, keeping the skin protected and healthy.

How Do I Get The Most From My Moisturizer?

Quality, Not Quantity, Is Key In Moisturizer Use

One of the most common mistakes made with moisturizers is overuse. Always use moisturizers in moderation. The amount you use is not the key to getting your skin nice and hydrated; instead focus on the type of moisturizer and the thickness of the product.

For example, dry skin types should use thick, creamy moisturizers; oily skin types should try a lightweight product; those with problem areas everywhere should use an all-over, body moisturizer. Do not slather on the moisturizer; instead, spread it around in a thin film and work it into the skin for optimal results.


Use of Night Cream Is Personal Preference

If you do plan to use a night facial moisturizer cream, choose one with anti aging properties that will help your skin to look completely refreshed and renewed. Day cream will help your skin do just that. Made of a lightweight, gel formula, Age Solution Day Cream absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving all of the nourishment on your face.

What Should I Look For In An Anti Aging Moisturizer?

Pay Close Attention To Products in Anti Aging Moisturizers

Women looking for a good anti-aging moisturizer should look for certain details in a product. Any antiaging skincare product should have Vitamin E, which will protect the skin from environmental stress. The idea behind most anti-aging products is to have the skin replenish and revitalize its own cells.

While the results will not be immediate, an anti-aging moisturizer should reduce the amount of fine lines and wrinkles around the face area, while keeping your skin well-hydrated, soft and healthy.

How Do I Know If My Moisturizer Is Really Natural?

Beware of "Natural" Moisturizers

Natural moisturizer products are a good choice for those trying to “go” green without using chemicals for skin care. However, beware of companies who freely use the phrase “all natural” when touting their products. They may actually only contain a small amount of natural ingredients, while stocking up on harsh chemicals. If you want to know exactly what is contained in a “natural” product, read the label and do some research.

Read any literature attached to the product and look up any products you are not sure of on the Internet. If you have problem skin or are allergic to certain products, call the product company and ask specifically about the ingredients.

How Do I Choose The Right Moisturizer?

How To Choose The Right Moisturizer

Moisturizer for oily skin is a necessity, but it can be tricky to choose the right product to use without making your skin look even shinier. Look for a product with a good mix of natural oils and Vitamin E, which will provide a creamy shield for the skin.

However, it is important that a moisturizer for oily skin be lightweight and one that absorbs quickly, making skin feel soft and supple. If you skin feels greasy or overly shiny after applying moisturizer, you are likely using the wrong product. The quest for a perfect complexion is a never-ending one, often made more complicated by the search for the right products for your skin. Shop around for a moisturizer for oily skin that works well in combination with other skin care products for your skin type.

Should I pay special attention to my neck?

Moisturize Your Neck

We can sometimes forget the importance of cleansing and moisturizing the neck as well as the rest of the face. You must treat your skin on your neck as gently as the skin on your face. Otherwise, your neck will appear dry and wrinkled, compared to the smooth, treated skin on your face. Remember to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your neck just as often as you do the rest of your face with alcohol free products.

Should I use the same moisturizer daily?


Alternating moisturizers each day can cause skin problems. Maybe result in an allergic reaction. Try using the same moisturizer each day. That way, your skin will get used to the one product and it will work like it's supposed to. When switching products, give it at least two weeks to see real improvement. Use a lighter moisturizer during the day time and a heavier creme at night.

How Much Moisturizer Should I Use?

Use Nickel Size Amount of Moisturizing Face Products

Use moisturizing face products sparingly. Squeeze out a dab the size of a nickel for your face and neck area. If you use any more than this, you run the risk of making your skin look oily and shiny.

Smooth moisturizing face products with your clean fingertips around your face in upward strokes. You will know if you have applied the moisturizer correctly if your skin boasts a healthy glow!

Can I use my moisturizer at night?

Moisturizing At Night Time

You should always use a moisturizer for daytime and one for night. A moisturizer for day should be one with an SPF and lightweight. A night moisturizer should be a heavier creme (or lotion for those with oily skin) to replenish loss of hydration, rejuvinate, and help keep elasticity in your skin. Normally a night moisturizer will have some type of property (AHA, essential ingrediants, firming properties, etc.) to help keep skin in youthful condition.

What can I use for dry lips?

Lip Service

The lips are always exposed to various elements, so protection is very important. Lip treatments are available in different forms: stick or tube. It can be used alone,under,or over lipstick. Reapply as often as needed during the day. One with a sunscreen is best for day use. You can also reapply at night. Try to find an exfoliator just for lips! This will help to remove dead skin cells and moisturize new ones.

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