Use A "Tea" Steam To Open Pores and Dry Up Oil

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What Is A Good Home Remedy for Oily Skin?

Use A "Tea" Steam To Open Pores and Dry Up Oil

Finding a home remedy for oily skin can be difficult because of the sheer volume of information available. It is often hard to tell what will work and what will not. However, try a home remedy for oily skin called a “tea” steam bath, which has proven results:

  1. Use a Swiss Kriss herbal laxative and boil about two tablespoons of it in a pot of water.
  2. Once you take the pot off the stove, let it cool a little bit and then put your face over the steam.
  3. Then, rinse off with cold water.
The “tea” steam will open the pores and dry out excess oil without completely drying the skin. Try this home remedy for oily skin a couple times a week to treat oily skin.



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