Eyecream Application

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How do I apply eyecream?

Eyecream Application

Eyecream is an essential to use to prevent sagging of the skin and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. Keeping the skin around your eyes hydrated is crucial if you want to prevent aging signs. When applying creme, just use a small dab, too much can have the opposite effect and make eyes loook droopy. For drier skin tones use a creme and for more oily skin tones try a gel. Application plays a huge role in how the creme will work.
Eyecream should be applied to the eyebone. The warmth from your skin will cause the cream to "creep up" and lubricate the fine lines under the eyes. At night, you can apply your eyecream to the brow bone. With gravity, the cream will nourish the eyelid area. The key is not to apply the eyecream too close to the eye or it will enter the eye and blur your vision.



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