Try A Face Brightening Mask

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What Is A Face Brightening Mask?

Try A Face Brightening Mask

Facial masks are targeted at different skin types and needs. For example, someone looking to moisturize would need a mask that caters to dry skin. Some people simply want a glowing, even skin tone. For this purpose, choose a face brightening mask. This type of facial mask will remove dirt embedded deep in the skin area. It also lightens skin tones, making your face look brighter and clearer.

Because a face brightening mask will not work for everyone in the same way, do a small skin patch test to see exactly how you can expect your skin to react.



5/2/2007 11:15:31 PM
Sahra Ali said:

what ingredents do i need to make my own home recepi to make my skin brighter and whiter


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