Shaving Is Most Common Form of Men's Skin Care

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What Are Some Good Tips for Getting A Good Shave Every Time?

Shaving Is Most Common Form of Men's Skin Care

Shaving is the most common part of men's skin Care. The number of products on the market geared towards men who shave is endless. However, there are things to know about shaving to preserve your skin in the best way possible.

  • Never use shaving gel that contains any of the following: menthol, alcohol, mint, camphor, sodium hydroxide or high levels of potassium. While these ingredients can help with a closer shave, they drive up the risk of getting an ingrown hair because they irritate the skin and hair follicle.
  • While this is a personal preference, shaving gel is better for sensitive skin because cream creates air pockets, making it easier to be nicked while shaving.
  • Electric razors are always best for men with sensitive skin.
  • Before shaving, steam the face and neck area to open pores and hair follicles. This will help prevent nicks and cuts.



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