How Much Facial Scrub Should I Use?

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How Much Facial Scrub Should I Use?

How Much Facial Scrub Should I Use?

A good facial scrub can make all the difference in the look of your skin. Moderation is key; however, as too much will dry out your face and too little product will not get the job done. Instead, squeeze out about a quarter-size amount of facial scrub onto your cloth or sponge and wash your face.

The facial scrub should be soap free and mild. Use your fingers to work the facial scrub onto your face then rinse off with lukewarm water and blot. Remember to try to stick with the same products and routine to get the best effect. Switch up only when you find your usual facial scrub is no longer working as well. A good facial scrub should leave you skin looking clean and healthy. If
after you cleanse, you skin still look dull, chances are you are not using the right product. Just like clothing or shoes, it is important to try several facial scrubs to see which one is right for your skin.



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