Choose Skin Care Products Specific To Your Skin Type

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Does It Matter What Kind of Skin Care Products I Use?

Choose Skin Care Products Specific To Your Skin Type

There is quite a bit of information available on skin care, telling you everything from how to wash your face to what moisturizer to use. However, it is important to tailor every step of your skin care regimen to your skin type and lifestyle. How much stress you have, whether or not you eat right, smoke or exercise, what kind of skin you have are all important factors to consider when choosing skin care products.

It's best to start by consulting a skin care professional to determine what skin type you are --- oily, dry or combination --- and how your skin reacts to certain products. Do a small skin patch test for each new product you use and when you find the right combination of skin care products for you, stick with it.

When those products no longer work properly, schedule another consultation with a beauty expert to determine if – and how – your skin has changed.



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