Number of Outside Factors Cause Dry Skin

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What Causes Dry Skin?

Number of Outside Factors Cause Dry Skin

A number of contributing factors can act as causes of dry skin. They include:

Dehydration : This can happen when you are either not drinking enough water or consuming too many sugary, caffeinated products, such as coffee or soda.

Allergens : If you are prone to allergies, certain times of the year can cause your skin to be dry and tight. Allergy medications can contribute to dry skin as well.

Weather : Cold weather dries out skin, making it uncomfortable and sometimes cracked. This is the most important time of the year to make sure you are using a good, deep moisturizing lotion on your face and body.

Irritants : These can include perfumes, laundry detergent and chemicals in your beauty and skin care products that irritate the skin and cause overall dryness.



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