Face Masks Help To Treat Oily Skin

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Will A Face Mask Help To Treat My Oily Skin?

Face Masks Help To Treat Oily Skin

Treatment for oily skin types can also be found in face masks. A weekly face mask can help to revive oily skin. Use one that is clay or mud-based as these materials help to draw out and absorb the oil in your skin. Masks containing natural ingredients --- such as oatmeal, lemon or cucumber --- are also great for oily skin types and can help to dry to skin just a little. The key to controlling oily skin is to dry it out just enough, without overdoing it and pushing your skin into the dry skin category. As the skin care industry continues to grow, so do opportunities for
niche products. Oily skin is a common problem between both men and women, so many companies that specialize in treatment for oily skin offer a cache of products that cater to this skin type.



11/23/2008 8:29:45 AM
sonali said:

Its better to have oily skin as the skin will keep young for longer period than dry skin is it not?

4/10/2009 3:53:08 PM
huma said:

can u plz suggest some home made masks having natural ingredients!


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