Body Acne Treatments

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I have a question about acne, it sounds horrible but I have terrible skin on my back. It's all red and splotchy. I can't wear halter necks, string tops or anything. I've tried lotions and exfoliating. I eat really healthy and I'm only 16, but it's ruining everything.

Body Acne Treatments

Acne on your back is probably caused somewhat by hormones. If you are a teenager and your hormones are most likely imbalanced. You could try an acne cleanser like Neutrogena or Clearasil. Do not exfoliate with harsh products or items like a loafa, this will only irritate your skin causing more skin problems and blemishes.

Try wearing clothes made of material that lets your skin breath like linen or cotton.

For big problem areas you can try spot treatments that contain salicylic acid, which will dry out the blemish and diminish it within a couple of days. If you feel your acne problem is out of control you should consult a dermatologist for more solutions.



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