Keep Skin Clear

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How can I get clearer skin?

Keep Skin Clear

Want clear skin? Acne care and prevention are the keys to achieving skin that others will envy. Here are some tips for individuals of all ages who want to keep their skin clear: Do not squeeze or pick at blemishes on the skin—this can lead to further infections and/or scarring. Wash your pillowcase and face towels on a frequent, regular basis. Dirty towels and pillowcases can house bacteria and germs that can cause blemishes or even worsen existing acne. Keep hair away from the face when sleeping. Shower as soon as possible after working out; sweat mixed with skin oils is a recipe that can trap bacteria and dirt. Never sleep with makeup on; this can clog pores and trigger breakouts. Clean or replace make-up applicators regularly and dispose of old make-up. Use topical treatments, such as Murad Acne Complex, on affected areas.



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