How can I clear up acne without a prescription or harsh chemicals?

Natural Home Remedy to Zap Away Zits

By Jennifer G

Acne is caused when excess oil on your skin traps dirt and bacteria inside your pores. Most face wash and acne treatments contain a soup of harsh chemicals, designed to eliminate oil in order to keep gunk from infecting pores. These chemicals, however, often dry out and irritate the skin. Skin responds by producing even more oil because skin needs moisture to stay healthy, especially the delicate skin on your face. Luckily there are many gentle home remedies that work even better than the chemical concoctions available at drug stores. These remedies effectively cleanse the skin, removing dirt and bacteria, without depleting moisture.
Regular honey (the same kind you put in your tea) has natural antibiotic and moisturizing properties, which eradicate acne causing bacteria. Honey can be mixed with plain oatmeal, and used as a scrub to gently exfoliate the skin, preventing breakouts. It can also be applied as an overnight spot treatment to deep clean a zit while you sleep. In order to spot treat a pimple, apply a dab of honey to the problem spot and place a bandaid over it to keep it sealed and in place (just like applying antibiotic ointment to a cut). Leave the honey in place over night. Your clear skin will amaze you the next morning!

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How can I clear up acne without a prescription or harsh chemicals?

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